Fruit Eaters

Fruit eaters in general.

Fruits eaten by birds tend to be either large fruits eaten by large birds or berries eaten by small birds. Hornbill are fruit eaters but Ground Hornbills have evolved to be very carnivorous and often hunt in packs. Toucans seem to be the counterparts of Hornbill in the New World. Their long beaks enable them to reach fruits that other birds can't reach. In Africa the Quelas, which are smaller birds, feed on crops if they can't find fruits or berries. Turacos may be the New World counterparts of the Macaws. The Turacos have established a niche by feeding on berries which other birds avoid.

These birds are found mainly but not exclusively in tropical regions of the world. They find their food in the foliage of trees and bushes and they often prefer to eat their fruit in situe. Initially I have divided them according to the geographic locations in which they are mainly found:-

  • Most Regions - Parrots, Cockatoos, Pigeons, Doves.
  • Africa - Hornbills, Turacos, Barbets, Bulbuls, Queleas.
  • Australasia -Figbirds, OW.Orioles etc.
  • Americas - Toucans, NW. Orioles, Cotingas, Manakins.

Habitats of Fruit eaters.

Parrots, Cockatoos etc.

• Tree dwellers – forest and woodland.
• Tropical regions, geographically widespread, mainly Australasia and South America.
• Fruit eaters, clamber about. Also eat seeds, nuts and plant materials.

Note - Budgerigars are an exception - they are small birds which favour the drier parts of Australia.